Parcours d'obstacles Grans

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New workshops since 2016 !

This course is equipped with the continuous lifeline, always safe with Accropassion !

Course accessible for 12 years old children and more, measuring at least 1m60 (or 1m55 accompanied by an adult or an older child). This course is for the eager for strong feeling adventurers. The different workshops will allow you to confront between 7m and 14m from the ground. You will find : the unstable roller, the surfboard, the arm scale, the chained triangles, the suspended rings, and the big 15m Tarzan's jump ! We propose you 2 routes : Simple or Sensaion. In the middle of the course, the Simple way allows you to reach the end quicker for those who wish to abbreviate their sufferings. 

Average duration 50 minutes for the Sensation way or 35 minutes for the Simple way. 

Strong feelings lovers get ready !

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