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The Extreme Black Challenge

With its 12 workshops to overcome, the Extreme Black course is unique in the department (Bouches-du-Rhône - 13).

Accessible for 16 years* old children and more, and for adults, this course is a personnal challenge reserved to the very big sportsmen. You are coached by an instructor, who will communicate you the challenge's rules all along the course. The qualities required to succeed this course are following ones : balance, boldness, muscular power and a drop of mockery. The first selective workshop consists in running (to have a maximum run-up) on the cliff, cord in hand, to reach the second workshop 20m farther 16m high. It's up to you to discover the next ones.

Watch out ! Only one departure per day in the afternoon !

You can consult schedules by phone or at the park's reception desk (inscription done thanks to your first name when you arrive, because of the limited tethers strap's number). The Extreme Black challenge is accessible from the Winter holidays (in February) until Halloween holidays included (in October). 

50 winners on 4900 attempts, and only 3 women among them. Try the big challenge, and congratulations to the 50 challengers who succeed it.

Average duration : between 5 minutes (for those who do not manage to cross the first workshop) to 1h30, it depends on you !

Sportsmen and strong feelings challenge ! 

*16/17 years old ONLY with an adult on the course

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